How to Update a 10 Years Old CV?

Are you a senior executive who have not had to look for a new job for more than 10 years? Now, you may wonder how you can update your curriculum vitae in order to match the expectations of today’s recruiters. The good news is that the classic format of your CV from ten years ago can still be suitable. However, what has changed is the medium. Currently, it can no longer be regarded as sufficient just to submit a Word document. You should always provide paper versions of your CV, but it is also important to ensure your presence on the internet.

Use Technology to Build an Effective New CV

The point which has changed the most is surely the contribution of technology. A presence on the internet, on a professional network such as Viadeo, LinkedIn and BeKnown is more highly recommended. Make it easier for potential employers and give them the opportunity to contact you in one click. On your Word CV, indicate the links to your profiles on the social networks. For the structure and the layout, use an online CV Creator to show that you are a modern job applicant.

Be Aware of Current Recruiters’ Preferences in Terms of CV

Put yourself in today’s recruiters’ shoes and adapt you resume to their expectations. In case of any doubt, plan ahead and contact them by email with a Word CV. In your email, give them the link to your professional social network account. The one-page CV rule is still relevant but if you really need to describe you career in 2 or 3 pages, it should not be a problem if all the given information is related to the job sought. Anyway, take care of the first page because it will make the recruiter want to read your whole CV or not.

The CV Layout and Form Count

Even if your 10 years old CV format can still work, it is advised to opt for an attractive and up-to-date form. Once again, you can use a template from a CV creator for that. Avoid overloading, and use bold and italics wisely. Ban too fanciful fonts and excess colors. To differentiate yourself, put your own brand. The best method to do so is to substitute the classic titles of the CV sections like “Professional Experience” or “Leisure” with “Financial Director for the Agrifood sector” or “Social Media Marketing”, for instance. Invite the readers to dive into your CV thanks to this hook which allows you to stand out from the crowd.