Bill Cosby's wife Camille may be required to testify in case against him

  • 69
  • Jan 01, 2016
Camille Cosby will likely have to testify in a defamation suit against her husband, the famed comedian Bill Cosby, who is accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women over several decades. A Massachusetts judge denied Camille's motion on Dec. 31 to sid...
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For the First Time, a Majority of Enterprises Believe Cloud Apps Are Just as Secure as On-Premise Apps

  • 24
  • Jun 08, 2016
Bitglass, the Total Data Protection company, today released the results of its report “The Rise of Purpose-Built Cloud Security.” The report found that the perception of cloud security within enterprises is improving dramatically year-over year as ...
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Samsung Electronics set for best quarter in over two years on second-quarter smartphone boost

  • 48
  • Jul 05, 2016
SEOUL Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is poised to issue guidance for its best quarterly profit in more than two years, propelled by a surge in mobile earnings on the back of robust sales of its flagship Galaxy S7 smartphones. The South Korean gi...
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Doting boyfriend made a hilarious video of his girlfriend on crutches

  • 30
  • Feb 18, 2016
One Fresno State University couple will show you how important it is to laugh through pain. Basketball player Lilly Hernandez recently tore her ACL, requiring her to undergo surgery and walk on crutches. Throughout the ordeal, her loving boyfriend Luis Es...
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Qantas to launch super-speed inflight Wi-Fi so you never need to log off

  • 40
  • Feb 23, 2016
Qantas is here to make sure you never unplug — even if you're in the sky somewhere over the Simpson Desert. On Tuesday, the Australian airline announced it will be launching super-fast free Wi-Fi on board some of its domestic fleet in 2017. In a stat...
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Waterless toilet uses nanotechnology to treat waste, banish smells

  • 71
  • Jan 07, 2016
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A toilet that does not need water, a sewage system or external power but instead uses nanotechnology to treat human waste, produce clean water and keep smells at bay is being developed by a British university.The i...
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U.S., Russian crew poised to launch to space station

  • 45
  • Mar 18, 2016
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. A NASA astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts were preparing to head for the International Space Station in a Russian Soyuz rocket on Friday as replacements for a crew that ended a year-long flight earlier this month. U.S. astronau...
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Stripped-down synthetic organism sheds light on nature of life

  • 28
  • Mar 26, 2016
WASHINGTON Scientists on Thursday announced the creation of a synthetic organism stripped down to the bare essentials with the fewest genes needed to survive and multiply, a feat at the microscopic level that may provide big insights on the very nature...
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Suit that mimics life at age 85 has no creases, just creaks

  • 56
  • Apr 07, 2016
JERSEY CITY, N.J. With the push of a button, a perfectly healthy 34-year-old museum-goer named Ugo Dumont was transformed into a confused 85-year-old man with cataracts, glaucoma and a ringing in his ears known as tinnitus.Dumont had volunteered at Lib...
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Green car technologies collide in Los Angeles

  • 96
  • Aug 03, 2015
LOS ANGELES Asian automakers are opening up a new front in the contest to define the future of cars in California, fielding a flock of cars powered by hydrogen in a bid to woo green car buyers from Tesla Motors Inc, the battery electric vehicle leader....
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