Sex life of sleeping sickness parasite may lead to its downfall

  • 72
  • Jan 26, 2016
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An unusual sex life may spell the extinction of the deadly African sleeping sickness parasite, which threatens millions of people in West and Central Africa, an international team of scientists said on Tuesday.The ...
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Using the WebSphere Liberty Application Client

  • 42
  • Apr 24, 2016
Sometimes you have developed a standalone Java application but want to make use of capabilities provided by an application server. For example, you might have a standalone Java application which accesses a DB2 database but you want to make use of the conn...
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Green car technologies collide in Los Angeles

  • 10
  • Aug 24, 2015
LOS ANGELES Asian automakers are opening up a new front in the contest to define the future of cars in California, fielding a flock of cars powered by hydrogen in a bid to woo green car buyers from Tesla Motors Inc, the battery electric vehicle leader....
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Wireless mice leave billions at risk of computer hack: cyber security firm

  • 2
  • Mar 23, 2016
San Francisco, CA Marc Newlin and Balint Seeber are checking how far apart they can be while still being able to hack into each other's computers. It turns out its pretty far - 180 meters - the length of a city block in San Francisco.  The pair work f...
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Debris from U.S. rocket recovered off coast of southwest England

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  • Nov 28, 2015
LONDON Debris from a U.S. rocket, most likely the doomed SpaceX Falcon 9, has been recovered near the Isles of Scilly, off the coast of southwest England, the UK coastguard has said on Friday.It was covered in barnacles and was initially mistaken for a...
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Remarkable evidence of ancient humans found under Florida river

  • 12
  • May 17, 2016
WASHINGTON Researchers who dove hundreds of times into a sinkhole beneath the brown murky waters of Florida's Aucilla River have retrieved some of the oldest evidence of human presence in the Americas including stone tools apparently used to butcher a ...
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Amazon has raised its price minimum for free shipping to $49

  • 27
  • Feb 22, 2016
If you're not an Amazon Prime member, shopping at the online retailer just got a little more expensive. Amazon offers free shipping on many of its products if customers spend more than a certain amount, but the company quietly raised that minimum purchase...
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Stripped-down synthetic organism sheds light on nature of life

  • 38
  • Mar 25, 2016
WASHINGTON Scientists on Thursday announced the creation of a synthetic organism stripped down to the bare essentials with the fewest genes needed to survive and multiply, a feat at the microscopic level that may provide big insights on the very nature...
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Ancient lava bubbles reveal conditions on primordial Earth

  • 18
  • May 11, 2016
WASHINGTON Tiny bubbles that formed inside volcanic rock 2.7 billion years ago are providing big insights into the conditions on primordial Earth.Scientists said an analysis of gas bubbles trapped in ancient basalt rock that formed from ancient lava fl...
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Aerojet wins U.S. contract to set standard for 3-D printed rocket engines

  • 15
  • Jan 06, 2016
WASHINGTON Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc on Tuesday said it has won a $6 million contract from the U.S. Air Force to define the standards that will be used to qualify components made using 3-D printing for use in liquid-fueled rocket engine applicati...
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